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"Argosy... takes the silent partner approach, sitting back, watching the financials carefully, providing support and contacts where it can, and letting management work its magic."

- Jim Middlemiss,
Financial Post

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Argosy Partners is a private equity firm based in Toronto, Canada. We combine our capital with that of a number of successful entrepreneurs and institutional investors to deliver a range of effective financial solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Please click the image at left to download our Argosy Partners' brochure, or learn more about our specialized funds by visiting the websites below.
Argosy Partners specialty, The Shotgun Fund
The Shotgun Fund® Is an Argosy Partners fund designed to meet the needs of significant shareholders facing shotgun situations. For more information on this Argosy Partners fund, please visit
Argosy Partners proposition, The Succession Fund
The Succession Fund™ from Argosy Partners, provides creative solutions for shareholders that want to sell some or all of their shares, without disruption to the business. For more information on this specialized Argosy Partners fund, please visit

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Argosy Partners is a Canadian private equity firm. Argosy operates 2 specialised funds - The Shotgun Fund and The Succession Fund.

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